Escape room ENIGMARIUM® proudly presents UNLOCK: An outdoor escape game!

Created by escape room owners, Unlock is an outdoor puzzle adventure game that uses a locked, wooden book (trademarked and patented) to slowly reveal a story as players explore a town or city while solving the game. Players embark on a story-driven quest using a form that’s cost-effective and easily adaptable for escape room owners: puzzles, twists, and locked pages, instead of locked boxes and rooms.  Unlock allows you to integrate the local history and legends so that you can showcase your city’s unique curiosities and mysteries.

Unlock is suitable for teams of 2-5 people. The game can even accommodate larger groups, because up to 20 books can be used at once with the same story, or you can create different experiences within each book. The team (or teams) of players meets a gamemaster at a specified location in the city. The team receives a locked book and the time starts ticking when they start off on their adventure tour.

Each of the pages takes the team to a new location wherein lies a clue for a puzzle described in the book. The puzzles invite the players to take a closer look at popular monuments and buildings in order to solve them. Clues are found by observing the city’s cultural heritage that might often otherwise go unnoticed or stay locked in unread pages of history books and the occasional guidebook.

How does it work?

Unlock helps the city’s history come alive as the players search together for the solutions to the puzzles. Upon entering the correct code for the lock, the newly unveiled page will guide the players to the next location. Thus, the players learn about your city’s actual history through the story presented in the book.

Who is behind the book?

That’s us at Enigmarium®! Since we started Unlock in 2016 in Ljubljana, the game became a popular tourist attraction. Today there are games in Slovenia, Croatia, and Ohio in the United States. Since September 2014, the Enigmarium® team has created more than 25 unique escape rooms, ranked among the most popular “Fun things to do” in cities such as Ljubljana, Zagreb, and Maribor on TripAdvisor.

Key features of the game

  • The book acts as a portable outdoor version of an escape room
  • One book is for 2-5 people
  • Multiple books can be used at once for small teams within bigger groups
  • Caters towards people uncomfortable with traditional escape rooms
  • Added value to the game: The games can incorporate local history into the story (edutainment)
  • It can be upgraded or developed into new games by changing the pages
  • Reservations are easy to plan and manage
  • Employees can be trained by participating once
  • Two books in the initial package (you can add more if you like that more people can play at once)

The package includes:

  • Initial setup consultation
    Two books (shipping included!)
    Guidelines & know-how for usage
    Marketing Materials for Unlock®
    1 year of warranty for books including repairs
    Other Packages available on request

If you would like to bring Unlock to your city, we can cooperate with you in two ways: either by designing and creating a unique Unlock experience together with you, or by providing you with the tools, know-how, and consultation to create your own.

Contact us by email for more information!