Will you succeed in unlocking all 7 secrets of Ljubljana?

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Unlock game (2-5 player)

Gather a group of players (2-5 persons), book now and go on a city adventure.
Embark on an adventurous journey through the old town in the game with “Escape room” elements. Waiting for you are seven trials, where you will discover charms of Ljubljana, get to know the little know secrets, and be pleasantly surprise. But above all you’ll get to hang out with your friend out in the fresh air having fun!

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Unlock group (up to 150 people)

We developed a way for a very large groups to play and enjoy this game. Up to 150 people can play and unlock the secrets of Ljubljana. The game has impressed the participants of the international conference Global Green Destinations Day, that happened on World Tourism Day in Ljubljana!

Foto: Ljubljana Tourism (author: Tadej Bernik)

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Price list

The price for one session to visit Unlock Ljubljana is the same for all Enigmarium games: 60 EUR. The price is the same regardless of the number of participants: min 2 and max 5.

  • Book your session using our booking system above.
  • Pay for your session at the time of booking with PayPal (you can also pay with a credit card).
  • or, Pay for your session via bank transfer or in cash at the location when you arrive to play – call us at +386 (0)31 52 45 23 or send us an e-mail to arrange.

Team Building? Birthday?

Unlock Ljubljana is perfect for “Team Building” activities or for a truly special birthday celebration. Give us a call at +386 (0) 31 52 45 23!

Special instructions

Please arrive at the starting location (Robba Fountain in front of City Hall) exactly 5 minutes before your session. The route of the game will lead you through the streets of the old city, so please observe the traffic regulations and the general conditions posted on this page. Please bring all of the gaming gadgets that you receive at the starting location to the final location (you will be asked to deposit 20€, which we will return to you at the end of the game in exchange for all of the gadgets). If you get stuck, our gamemasters can help you with hints via walkie talkie. The game can be played in Slovenian or English language.

WARNING: In case of extremely bad weather, we reserve the right to reschedule your session.

A date?

Why not? Together you can unlock the book of values as you get to know each other even better throughout the game – a fun time is guaranteed!


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